About Me

I am Milind Maruti More
I was born on 31st Dec 1985, in India.
I completed my Masters in Computer Applications in 2010.
I’m a PHP Developer and CMS enthusiast.


Joomla was the first CMS I been introduced in my college day by my friends, I fell in love with Joomla by its Partial MVC structure ( Yes I think it’s partial MVC ) and simplicity.


Drupal was my second love, Purely MVC-based easy to extend functionality (Especially for creating custom views), I did very few projects so didn’t really get a chance to understand her better.


WordPress is very simple to understand with hooks and filter she is more useful but she is lacking MVC structure (it’s like missing 36-24-36 fig. figuratively speaking ), It has a very large community and well-documented manual, Developed few small plugins for my self although published just one of them 😉

I am planning to develop a plugin ( Idea is secret ) and theme ( Multipurpose ) for the community.

I am working in WordPress till now until I find my next love.

Find my contact details on left.